In this article, we share the 5 Sexiest black men in Minnesota. Meet some of the top sexiest black men Minnesota has to offer.

Name: Henry Bell 

Age : 27

Job: Entrepreneur

Henry is the sexiest muscular black man in Minnesota because he’s a workout fanatic/ digital marketing nerd. Not only does he have the body of a god. He is incredibly smart. The ladies love him and the fellas want to be like him. People that know Henry say his vibe is unlike no other. That’s if you can get yourself around him. He is easygoing, has a great heart, and truly is authentic. He is the kind of man that goes above and beyond for those that have earned his heart. He also respects everyone and shows love to all. Henry is an entrepreneur. He runs one of the best Google Adwords marketing agencies called Bellringer marketing. Bellringer help business owners with Paid advertisements using Google AdWords. He knows SEO, email marketing, and more. He’s not just some nerd. He is the ultimate sexy black nerd. Also known as the sexiest black men shirtless. Made from the minerals of Africa. Raised with the great sauce of America. Some say Henry is God-like. Want to be around the sexiest black man Minnesota has to offer, get to know Henry.

5 Sexiest black men in Minnesota


Jeff top 5 sexist men in minnesota

Name: Jefferson Dennis

Age : 29

Job: Military

Cut from a similar cloth as Henry, Jefferson is a west African-born Minnesota-raised black man. He is a military man. This guy is family-oriented and loves his people. He is the kind of guy that keeps the family together and seeks the best out of his people. He likes to work hard and play hard. Some say he too is a gym fanatic. One woman, type of man. These are a few of the reasons Jefferson is one of the sexiest black men in the world.

Picture of Daka

Name: Daka G. 

Age : 29

Job: Model  

Formal model, tv personality, etc. this man makes the ladies jaw drop as he walks. They can’t get enough of him. He is 100% himself. Straight from the motherland, raised in Minnesota. Being a model, he loves clothes. He is always rocking the freshest outfit and his love for traveling and trying new things are all reasons he is one of the sexiest men Minnesota has to offer. Daka is also a one-woman kind of man. Play your cards right and you have a passionate protector. Looking for a great time ladies? Get to know Daka. Some ladies say he has the sexiest black man’s body.

Picture of Joel Reeves

Name: Joel Reeves

Age: 30

Job: Educator. social justice Advocate, and club promoter

Joel is an educator, social justice advocate, and club promoter. He is a family man and loves taking care of others. He is the kind of man all women crave, but only the best can have. Always working to be his best self. He is a man of growth. Joel is one of the sexiest men Minnesota has to offer not just because of his looks. He cares a great deal about those around him. So much so that he mentors the youth. If you are looking for an observant, calm, charmer, Joel is the way to go.

Picture of Albert cooke

Name: Albert Cooke

Age: 29

Job: Entrepreneur 

This big guy brings the magic. Not just because of his look. He is charming and wields confidence for 30 men. He is always looking his best. Therefore he acts his best, constantly. Albert is one of the world’s sexiest black men liivng in Minnesota because he knows how to influence others. As an entrepreneur, he has learned to tell fascinating stories. Those that are close to Albert know his ability to captivate others with his stories. To learn more about why Albert is one of the 5 sexiest black men alive in Minnesota, get to know him. 

Height, brain, confidence, personality, etc. Were all considered when coming up with this list. These are the 5 most handsome, and sexiest black men of all time, existing in Minnesota. Find Minnesota’s sexiest black men on Instagram and other social media platforms, and be friends. 


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