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About us – Henry Bell Google Adwords Specialist

Henry Bell is a Google AdWords specialist freelancing and managing Bellringer marketing. With 6 years of experience, Henry does his best to diversify himself to get experience in as many industries as possible. This effort makes him the kind of Google AdWords Specialist that can help most entrepreneurs. Freelancing gives him the ability to gain diverse experience while managing bellringer helps him understand what his clients are facing. The mixture of both makes Henry the ultimate Google Adwords specialist that can take your business to new heights.

Henry Bell’s Process as a Google Adwords Specialist

Henry does his best to keep things simple for his clients. During the first meeting, he gets to know your business’s important metrics. Then, he answers any questions you may have. After the initial meeting, Henry Bell use the information to conduct research on your competition and potential keywords then he requests access to your Google AdWords account.

Next, he conducts an account audit. Identifying the issues in your account and potential solutions.

During the second meeting, Henry explains his plan of attack and sends you a copy of the documents from the research he conducted. If you are satisfied with the result, he then gets started!

What makes Henry’s Google AdWords specialist services so unique?

Henry’s Bell Services are unique because he not only sets the expectation for clients, he’s great at managing Google Adword accounts. He does not accept more than 10 clients per month, which means he spent sufficient time auditing these accounts and applying best practices.  Henry served on the MnSearch board of search marketers in Minnesota for two years and ranks 94% on UpWork.

If you are looking for a passionate Google AdWords specialist that will deliver leads and quality SEM traffic, contact Henry Bell.