What is PPC?

PPC is also called Pay Per Click. PPC charges you each time a customer clicks your advertisement.

For example, when someone searches Google for a keyword or keyphrase, they do their best to show the result that matches the intent of the searcher. Using these keywords and keyphrases, advertisers that have products or services that match potential customers’ intent will show up every time a user searches through Google. The advertisers get charged each time there is a click.


What Do PPC Agencies Do?

PPC Agencies typically manage Pay Per Click advertisements. They help set up and manage advertisements on the platform you pick.

For example, Facebook, Google, Bing, and LinkedIn are a few platforms that offer Pay per click services to businesses.

Often most bigger agencies can help with numerous pay-per-click platforms. Few experts focus on only one or two of the platforms.

Bellringer Marketing, for example, focuses primarily on Google ads. Whereas bigger agencies manage Facebook, Google, and more. When looking for a PPC Agency, be sure to search according to the services your business offer and the platform that is likely to bring in relevant and interested customers.

PPC Agencies are helpful in managing Google, Bing, or Social Media pay-per-click campaigns. There are many types of PPC campaigns. The most common are search and display ads. With the right agency, you can run profitable ads campaigns that will reflect the need of the customers resulting in more sales.

A good pay-per-click Agency’s goal should be to rank well and pay less. They should also regularly keep you updated on the outcome of the campaigns. Usually, this can be done by setting up weekly or monthly meetings with the agency.

Need PPC Management?

If you are looking for pay per click Agencies to help with running PPC campaigns on various platforms, Below is a list of few agencies: 

Hook Agency


ethical digital 

Thrive agency

Bellringer marketing ( If you need just Google AdWords PPC management) 

The next time someone asks, “What is a PPC Ad Agency?” tell them it is a type of marketing agency that manages pay-per-click advertisements. They help businesses pay less while ranking higher. If you need PPC management, Call Bellringermarketing. We are PPC specialists.

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