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What Is A CTR and 3 ways to improve it

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By Henry Bell

What is a CTR?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It’s a way to measure how many times people click on your ads compared to the total number of times your ads are shown (impressions).

For example, if your ads are shown 30 times and get clicked 15 times, your CTR would be 50%.

Why is it important?

CTR is really important because, when done well, it can affect your quality score. A higher quality score means you might pay less for each click (CPC) and your ads could get better positions and more conversions.

CTR helps us understand how well your ads connect with people. If your CTR is high, it means your ads are relevant and interesting to users.

At Bellringer Marketing, our ads usually get a CTR between 4% to 22% on average for our clients.

We keep a close eye on each ad’s performance. If an ad’s CTR is below 2%, we might pause it. And when we see ads with the best CTR, we create more ads like them.

In a nutshell, CTR is a super important number that helps us see how well your ads are doing and how they can be even better.

What Is A CTR and 3 ways to improve it

What’s a good CTR?

It’s hard to say exactly what makes a good CTR because it can vary depending on the industry.

In my experience, I aim for a CTR score of around 3-6%, usually.

According to, the average CTR across industries is about 2%.

Keep in mind that your CTR can be different based on the type of ads you’re using. For instance, Search ads usually have a higher CTR compared to display ads.

3 Ways to Improve Your CTR

There are several ways to make your CTR better, but I’ll share three in this post.

  1. Improve Quality Score Focusing on your quality score is a smart move when you’re trying to boost your CTR. A good quality score doesn’t just mean a higher CTR; it can also lower your cost per click and more.

  2. Split Testing Split testing is super important for your campaign’s growth. You should test everything, from keywords to the words on your landing page. Split testing helps you figure out what works best and what doesn’t, which improves your CTR.

  3. Organize Ad Groups Well Make sure your ad groups have a clear theme. This can improve the relevance score, which in turn helps your CTR.

In Conclusion So, if someone asks you, “What’s a CTR?” you can now tell them that CTR is a number that Google uses to see how many people click on your ads compared to how many times they’re shown.

This is important because a good CTR leads to a higher quality score, lower cost per click, and more. By having a higher quality score, always trying out new things with split testing, and creating well-organized ad groups, you can make your CTR even better.

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