By Henry Bell

What is a CTR

CTR is the measurement of the number of times your ads have shown (impression) vs. the number of total clicks.

Example: If your ads were shown 30 times but click 15 times. Your CTR would be 50 Percent.

CTR is short for Click Through Rate. It’s one of your Major KPI (Key Performance Indicators). This metric is important.

Why it is important

CTR is important because when done right, it impacts the quality score, which lowers the CPC (Cost per click) and usually means better ranking and conversions.

CTRs are vital because it tells you how relevant your ads are to users. 

On average at Bellringer Marketing gets 4 to 22% CTR on ads run for clients. 

We typically take a look at each ad to see which is performing the best. 

With this knowledge, we pause the ads that are below 2% while creating new ads similar to those with the highest CTR.

what is a ctr

What’s a good CTR?

Defining a good CTR is not possible as it depends on the industry. 

Personally, my goal is to get my CTR score to be at least 3-6% usually. 

According to, the average CTR across industries is 2%. 

They also mentioned that your CTR does depend on the kind of ads running.

 For example, display ads typically show lower CTR than Search ads. 

3 Ways to Increase Your CTR

There are many ways to improve CTR; we will only mention three ways in this post. 

  1. Improve Quality score
  2. Split Test
  3. Well themed Adgroups

Improve Quality Score

When trying to improve CTR, we recommend paying attention to the quality score.

 An excellent quality score does not just give you a good CTR. It will help with cost per click and more. 

Split Testing

Split testing is essential to the growth of your campaign. It would be best if you split test everything from keywords to landing page copies;

 Split-testing allows you to determine what is working the best and what is not working, which in turn improves your CTR.

Well themed Adgroups

Finally, create ad groups that are well-themed. This action will help the relevancy score, which helps CTR. 

To conclude, If you were ever asked, what is a CTR? Now you know that CTR is the metric that Google uses to determine how many people are clicking your ads out of the total amount of times it is shown.

 It is essential because, with a good CTR, you get a higher quality score, CPC, and more. 

With a higher quality score, constant split testing, and well-theme ad groups, your CTR will increase.

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