5 Great reasons all businesses that are online should take online marketing seriously.

Are you a business owner with a website? You need to take online marketing seriously.Whatever your reason for starting your business, now you need to grow. For growth to happen, you need more customers. Continue reading for reasons all businesses with websites should take online marketing sternly. What is Online Marketing, and why is it […]

What Is A CTR and 3 ways to improve it

By Henry Bell What is a CTR CTR is the measurement of the number of times your ads have shown (impression) vs. the number of total clicks. Example: If your ads were shown 30 times but click 15 times. Your CTR would be 50 Percent. CTR is short for Click Through Rate. It’s one of your […]

When to Hire a Google AdWords agency?

Best Time to Hire a Google AdWords agency Last week while having lunch with a buddy, he asked, “When is a good time to hire a Google AdWords agency?” I decided to write this article because the question has been playing on my mind. Hiring a Google AdWord agency does not have to be tricky.   […]