Henry Bell, (Born 1994 Liberia, West Africa. Currently exists in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA). African Marketing specialist that went to Minnesota as a kid and has worked hard and understands how life in the west is lived. He does so successfully. 


Henry started his journey in sales. After dreaming about being the best digital Marketer Africa has to offer. He dedicated his life to learning how to promote others’ dreams. in 2021 he got his first opportunity at High Power Data solutions. Serving under a kind-hearted man named William Miller. He focused his energy on learning the basics of Digital marketing. Out of all the techniques, he grew to love PAY PER CLICK advertising and SEO Marketing. 

Henry’s Journey as a salesman.

Sales, The importance of salesmanship to life. Sales was a very difficult skill set for Henry Bell. He felt as if the way to truly sell is to see people as objects, not actual people. It wasn’t until later that he realize that, make a sale make a friend. Sales are about sharing positive energy by being curious and sharing yourself with others. He learned this after selling to people he later learned to understand and respect.

Henry started selling Coffee beans. He moved to sell Internet, Television packages, Phones, car parts, and more. The journey was never easy, but it was worth it. Henry said that sales for him felt like life. A mixture of great and bad moments. Consistently! Much with life, in sales, it was all about Man vs self. Those negative thoughts destroy him, no matter what. The positive thoughts elevated him. No matter what!

Henry Bell’s transition to Marketing

Years of sales blessed Henry Bell into becoming the marketer that he is. He realized that sales and Marketing are the best parts of life. In life, you have to sell and market yourself no matter who you are. It’s a part of the journey.

After Selling car parts, Henry Bell Learned that to be a great marketer, you must do what salespeople are good at. you must be curious to learn about others. You must be curious. You have to always have questions that need answers. it’s that curiosity that took Henry Bell to the next level.  


Life as a Marketer

Life as a Marketer is a dream come true for Henry Bell. His goal was to always be himself. All of the educational programs he took were said to live up to expectations ( in so many words). He never listened. Instead, focused on meeting his expectations.


Every time Henry learned something new, he focus on the best and bad parts of where he was. How can one become better? for Henry Bell, this has always been the million dollars question. 

Henry Bell started his journey in Email marketing. Working for a software company, he realized that the business owner had lots of contact information that wasn’t being put to use. Henry decided to put those emails to good use by utilizing email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.


He thought himself creating templates and distributing unique email content that touched his prospect’s desires. This strategy worked well. He wanted better results and more conversions. 

His need for more conversions led to Paid advertising. He initially started with social media and Google advertisements. Later, he learned to love Google AdWords advertising and stuck with it. The journey was hard but he stayed consistent and learned what he had to. 

Henry Currently works for businesses around the world. He helps with strategy and implementation. Most of his clients are happy and successful working with Henry. They say it’s because of how positive and consistent he is. 

Henry Bell’s journey as an SEO

” I started SEO as a fun way to pass time, ended falling in love.” 

Henry came across SEO at an agency he interned at. He loves the technical aspect of SEO. Seeing a website goes from zero visitors to thousands of visitors is what inspired him to learn SEO. Helping new websites rank is something that makes Henry Bell feel fulfilled. To learn this, he spent months reading educational blogs that helped him improve. Blogs like Hub spot.


Henry Bell Jr like most entrepreneurial thinkers knows the value of being positive in life. He focuses his time on what he can control. This mindset has had him succeed in all the fields he has worked. As a young man, he set his eyes on being a sales and marketing expert. It’s a blessing to be able to accomplish this goal as an adult. As the owner of Bellringer marketing, he hopes to keep improving at what he loves. 




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