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Collaborating Agency: Olive Group

ERTC Filings, Inc. approached Olive Group facing a formidable marketing challenge. Struggling to garner impressions and clicks from their existing campaign, their pursuit of acquiring phone calls and form signups was hindered. Complicating matters, a lack of conversion tracking, and a dedicated landing page further impeded their progress.

We orchestrated a comprehensive strategy for ERTC Filings, Inc., incorporating multiple pivotal steps:

1. Strategic Planning: We collaborated closely with ERTC Filings, Inc. to unravel its goals and challenges, laying the foundation for a tailored strategy.

2. Budget Optimization: Commencing with a modest $2,500 monthly budget, Bellringer meticulously fine-tuned the campaign for optimal efficiency and impact.

3. Conversion Tracking Implementation: Addressing the void in conversion tracking, Bellringer implemented robust mechanisms to precisely measure campaign success.

4. Landing Page Development: Acknowledging the need for a dedicated landing page, We crafted not just one, but multiple compelling and conversion-focused pages to enhance user engagement.

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Month 1: Initiated with a $2,500 budget, achieving 30 clicks and 4 conversions, laying the groundwork for future growth.
Month 9: Monthly budget increased to $8,000, witnessing a substantial 450% increase in conversions

Decrease CPA: We decreased the CPA from $90 to $39.82

November 2023: Achieved a remarkable milestone of 931 total conversions at $26,000, marking an extraordinary 319% increase from Month 9.

Business Impact:
Budget Scaling: ERTC Filings, Inc. escalated their monthly budget from $2,500 to $26,000.
Substantial Growth: Achieved a remarkable 319% increase in conversions, underscoring the campaign’s efficacy.

Multiple Landing Pages: Bellringer and Olive crafted diverse landing pages, ensuring a tailored approach to engage different audience segments.

Client Testimonial:
“Henry definitely knows his stuff! He’s super communicative and overall really easy to work with. Would recommend him to any company in need of a solid AdWords strategist.”

ERTC Filings, Inc.