ertc case study

Collaborating Agency: Olive Group

Initial Status (October 2022)

At the beginning, the campaigns displayed moderate engagement, with a total of 5,677 impressions and a Cost Per Click (CPC) of $4.80. The conversion rate was below 8%, and the cost per conversion was high at $61.91, indicating significant room for improvement.


  • Budget Constraints: Frequent eligibility issues related to budget constraints limited the campaigns’ reach and potential conversions, necessitating careful budget management and reallocation.
  • Policy Limitations: Certain campaigns, especially retargeting ones, faced restrictions due to advertising policies, requiring strategic and creative adjustments.
  • Fluctuating Conversion Rates: Conversion rates varied significantly over time, requiring ongoing analysis and real-time strategy adjustments.
  • High Cost Per Conversion: Initially, the campaigns suffered from high costs per conversion, necessitating strategic cost reduction efforts.
  • Competitive Pressure: Auction insights showed considerable competition for impressions and ad placements, demanding innovative tactics to improve ad rank and visibility.

Strategic Interventions

  • Keyword Optimization: Transitioned from broad to more targeted phrases, significantly enhancing relevance and conversion potential.
  • Budget Reallocation: Increased funding for high-performing campaigns while decreasing spend on less effective ones.
  • Bid Strategy Adjustments: Adopted Maximize Conversions strategy with a targeted CPA, optimizing bids based on likely conversion.
  • Refined Ad Scheduling: Concentrated ad displays during peak performance times to attract more qualified leads.
  • Enhanced Ad Copy and Targeting: Updated ad texts to better meet audience needs and refined targeting based on demographic insights.

Solutions Implemented

  • Budget Optimization: Regular adjustments in campaign budgets based on performance data ensured efficient ad spend.
  • Policy Compliance Adjustments: Campaigns were tweaked to meet advertising standards without compromising goals.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Implemented A/B testing and conversion tracking tools to enhance conversion rates.
  • Cost Per Conversion Reduction: Focused on high-intent keywords, improved ad relevance, and utilized targeted ad extensions.
  • Competitive Strategy Enhancement: Conducted detailed competitor analysis to inform bidding strategies and refine unique value propositions.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Testing: Regular performance reviews and continuous testing of new strategies ensured agility in response to market and platform changes.

a screenshot of ertc data

Performance Impact by April 2024

  • Impressions: Grew to 42,221, indicating expanded reach.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Increased to 3.97%, showing more effective audience engagement.
  • Conversions: Rose dramatically to 306.96 from an initial 30 due to enhanced targeting and optimization.
  • Cost Efficiency: Average CPC decreased to $3.30, and cost per conversion dropped to $18.02, reflecting a nearly 65% reduction from the start.

Client Testimonial

“Henry definitely knows his stuff! He’s super communicative and overall really easy to work with. Would recommend him to any company in need of a solid AdWords strategist.” – ERTC Filings, Inc.


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