All You Need To Know About Google Ad Extensions (assets): Ultimate Guide

Hello there, digital explorers! Welcome to the exciting world of online advertising, where Google AdWords serves as the GPS guiding businesses to success. Think of Google AdWords as more than just a platform; it’s the tool that helps businesses shine in the digital realm.

Understanding Assets

Ever seen a Google AdWords with more than just a catchy tagline and a link? Those are the gems with assets – the secret sauce to boost your ad. They are extra features, like getting more toppings on your favorite pizza.

What Are Assets Exactly? Once referred to as Google Ad Extensions, assets are like superchargers for your online ads. They go beyond the basics, adding details like phone numbers, links, or location info. Why? Because more info means more attention and, ultimately, more people taking action.

The Power of Extra Information

Google spills the beans – assets can increase your click-through rates by a solid 10-15%. Imagine giving your campaign that extra push! It’s like scoring a goal in stoppage time – a game-changer.

Stay Tuned for Pro Tips: In the next sessions, we’ll uncover the magic behind using assets strategically. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about dominating the search results. Plus, you’re getting more value for your ad space – a win-win situation.

So, get ready for an easy journey into the world of assets. Because with Google AdWords, we’re not just aiming for good; we’re aiming for exceptional. Let’s make those clicks count!

Think of assets as the superheroes of search campaigns, each with its unique power to elevate your ads. Here is a list of assets:

1. Sitelink Assets: Smooth Navigation Upgrade
– These are like signposts guiding users to special offers or key service pages.
– Sprinkle in some headlines and descriptions for that extra allure.
– The linchpin of most search campaigns, offering users more lanes to explore.

2. Callout Assets: Crafting Snappy Messages
– Masters of delivering impactful messages in just 25 characters.
– Perfect for throwing the spotlight on deals, slogans, or those unique brand traits.
– The concise storytellers, highlighting your business’s key selling points in a snap.

3. Structured Snippet Assets: Tailor Your Showcase
– Tailors of your ad showcase, spotlighting specific products, services, or special features.
– Choose from predefined dropdowns for a customized showcase.
– The ideal move to let your uniqueness shine through.

4. Call Assets: Direct Line to Connection
– The direct line to connection, embedding a clickable phone number.
– Especially crucial for mobile users, initiating a direct call to your business.
– A game-changer for turning clicks into phone inquiries.

5. Location Assets: Pinning Your Business on the Map
– Pin your business on the map, displaying physical addresses with a clickable map marker.
– For mobile ads, throw in clickable directions for easy navigation.
– An absolute must for businesses with a physical presence.

6. Affiliate Location Assets: Expand Your Horizon
– Showcase nearby retail outlets carrying your products.
– A strategic move to enhance visibility and accessibility.
– Making it easier for searchers to find local stores stocking your offerings.

7. Price Assets: Transparency in Pricing
– Transparency is key, spotlighting the cost of your products or services directly in your ad carousel.
– Perfect for service businesses with specific service costs, giving users a clear view of what you offer.

8. App Assets: Drive App Downloads
– For those in the app game, your go-to. Include a link to download your mobile app, exclusively visible to mobile users.
– A compelling call to action to encourage potential customers to bring your app into their digital world.

9. Lead Form Assets: Seamless Lead Generation
– Enable searchers to submit contact information directly from the ad.
– Streamlining lead generation without requiring site visits.
– A powerful tool to capture leads efficiently.

Benefits of Ad Assets:
– Boosted Click-Through Rate (CTR): More info, more clicks.
– Reduced Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Better Quality Score, cost savings.
– Enhanced Ad Rank: Higher CTRs and Quality Scores for better visibility.
– Richer Context: Give searchers more info about your business.
– Expanded Ad Size: Occupy more space on the search results page.

google ad extensions

Best Practices for Making Your Ads Awesome using Google Ad Extensions (assets):

Make it Relevant:
– Connect your assets with the words people use to search and the pages they’ll land on. Like having the right music for the right moment.

Complete Your Ads:
– Add descriptions to your assets. Think of it as making sure every instrument in your DJ set has a purpose – nothing missing.

Use Location Assets Smartly:
– If you’re a local business, keep your Google My Business info updated. It’s like putting your party on the map for everyone to find.

-Answer Calls Quickly:
– If you’re using call assets, be ready to talk. It’s like being on standby during your DJ gig – ready to engage with your audience.

– These are like extra details about your business. Use them to give more context, just like adding interesting facts to your DJ set.

Setting Up Your Assets – A Simple Guide:

1. Log In to Google AdWords:
– Think of this like getting backstage access to the world of online ads. Your account is your VIP pass.

2. Choose Your Campaign:
– Pick the specific ad project you want to spice up. It could be your DJ services or your expertise in Google Ads.

3. Go to “Ads & Assets” Section:
– This is where the magic happens. It’s like your creative studio where you fine-tune everything.

4. Click on “Assets”:
– Imagine this as walking into your studio and heading straight to the area where you work on your best beats.

5. Pick the Type of Asset:
– Choose the kind of asset you want – like deciding on the vibe for your DJ set. Is it a chill night or a high-energy party?

6. Create Your Asset:
– Get creative! Write catchy headlines and descriptions. It’s like crafting the perfect playlist for your event.

7. Add Important Info:
– Depending on the type of asset, include the right details. Links for sitelinks, punchy messages for callouts – each part adds to the experience.

8. Save Your Work:
– Hit save once you’re happy with your creation. It’s like finalizing your best mix before playing it to the crowd.

9. Don’t Stop, Add More:
– Feel free to add more assets. It’s like adding different tracks to your playlist – each one bringing something unique.

10. Watch and Adjust:
– Keep an eye on how your ads are doing. Like adjusting your DJ set based on how the crowd reacts, tweak your ads for the best performance.

Google AdWords is like a superhero guiding businesses online. Now, instead of just regular ads, we’ve got these cool things called assets, formerly known as ad extensions, that make ads super interesting. With some smart tips, we’re figuring out the secrets of online ads, aiming to make every click count and make businesses shine in the digital world. Keep an eye out for more tips as we continue this journey into the world of Google AdWords!

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