Case Study: Transforming Teach Logic’s Google Ads Campaign

ertc case study

Client Background:
Teach Logic, a forward-thinking education services provider, faced challenges with their existing Google Ads campaign. Despite generating a substantial number of leads, they struggled to translate these into actual conversions. Their goal was to refine targeting, enhance conversions, and gain deeper insights into their campaign performance.

Engagement With Bellringer:
Teach Logic enlisted the expertise of Bellringer to address their concerns and optimize their Google Ads campaign. The initial assessment revealed discrepancies between lead generation and actual conversions. The collaborative effort aimed to revamp the campaign for better targeting, improved conversions, and enhanced analytics.

Strategic Approach:
1. Research and Landscape Understanding:
Bellringer initiated the process with thorough research to grasp the competitive landscape and identify potential areas for improvement.

2. Campaign Cleanup and Restructuring:
The team cleaned up the existing account, creating new campaigns, refining keywords, and enhancing ad copies. A/B testing was implemented to gauge the effectiveness of various campaign elements.

3. Conversion Tracking Implementation:
In the first month, Bellringer focused on setting up conversion tracking, providing a clearer picture of Teach Logic’s performance. GA4 and Tag Manager were transferred and configured for seamless tracking.

4. Optimization and Testing:
With the initial setup complete, We optimized the campaign based on insights gained from the research and testing phase. Continuous A/B testing allowed for data-driven decisions.

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Results Achieved:
 Initial tracking inaccuracies were identified and corrected, revealing a more realistic 12% conversion rate.
With ongoing optimization, the campaign’s conversion rate soared to an impressive 39% by October 2023.

Key Takeaways:
Teach Logic’s collaboration with Bellringer not only addressed their immediate concerns but also positioned their Google Ads campaign for sustained success. The strategic cleanup, precise targeting, and meticulous tracking setup contributed to a significant boost in conversion rates.