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When to Hire a Google AdWords agency?

Best Time to Hire a Google AdWords agency

Last week while having lunch with a buddy, he asked, “When is a good time to hire a Google AdWords agency?” I decided to write this article because the question has been playing on my mind.

Hiring a Google AdWord agency does not have to be tricky.  

You can hire a PPC agency at any point in time. We recommend starting Google AdWords at the beginning, while the SEO (search engine optimization) brews. Therefore, hiring a Google AdWord Agency at the beginning is a good idea.

This method is also great In saving yourself time, money, and energy. If that’s your goal, I recommend hiring an AdWords agency. These experts have spent years running ads with Google. Why not leave it to them. 

hiring a Google adWords agency

Here is a Great Example:

If you own a construction company, would it not be a better use of your time learning how to improve your process as opposed to spending months to years learning Google PPC? If that makes sense to you, hiring a PPC agency is the right move for you.


If you are a hands-on kind of person that likes doing it yourself, I recommend taking some classes and trying it out. 

Managing your Google ads at least for a while is a great idea. It helps when hiring an agency. 

Either method is fine, depending on your goals. 

When faced  with the question of, “When is a good time to hire a Google AdWords agency?” Keep in mind, many business owners hire out their PPC because their time is better spent on other parts of the business. It’s easier to leave the ads management to PPC agencies.  Nevertheless, if you have time and find it compatible with your goal to learn PPC management yourself, we recommend taking classes and testing it out. 

Below are some PPC agencies to contact for Google AdWords management:

Bellringer marketing 


Adventure PPC

Search Kings

Do you need Google AdWords management? Contact Bellringermarketing for a free account audit.

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